If you plan to cross the Andes to Argentina with a hired car AVOID Europcar!
For crossing the border you need a cross border permit. While other car rental companies prepare and finalise the paperwork in advance, Europcar does it different! They ask you – like all other rental companies – to deliver your documents and informations 1 week in advance. But they don’t finalise the permit process with the border police until you show up at the pickup desk. This way they stay flexible with the rented cars. Flexibility is money for them.

So after you show up to pick up you car, they send the documents to the border police and depending on how „busy“ they are you WAIT on your luggage FOR HOURS!! And there is no garantee that it will not even take half a day!

Europcar does not inform you in advance about this customer unfriedly behavior. They actually lie to you, telling you that the „permit is already approved“.

So simply chose a different car rental company and AVOID Europcar Chile!